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How it works for passengers 

When you call the independent cab network your call will be connected with a driver available to take bookings in your area.

You make your booking directly with them and should then receive a text from the driver with any contact and booking information you may need. (For this reason it is recommended that you do not call form a landline or withheld number)

If the driver you are connected with is unable to accommodate your booking, simply hang up and call back to be connected with a different driver from the network.

How it works for drivers

Once you have joined the independent cab network you will be able to receive calls from the network number operating in your area. 

The network works in a fair rotation, each call will first be connected to the driver who has not had a call for the longest time.

You do not need any special equipment or even a smart phone to log in and out of the network, this is all done with any mobile over the standard phone system.

Customers will enquire to book directly with you. When taking a call you will see the customers phone number in the caller ID, if a booking is made you should then send a text to the customer with any contact and booking information they may need. This will allow the customer to contact you if they need to change their booking. (If a customer is trying to contact a specific driver, it is unlikely  that they would be connected to them through the network) Ensuring the customers have your contact information will increase chances of repeat custom and will reduce chances of non pickups and no shows. It will also allow you to contact them if you are having any issues when collecting.

If you are unable to accommodate a booking then simply tell the customer to hang up and call back to be connected with a different driver from the network.

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