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Want to join the network?
Here's everything you need to know.
If we are already operating a network number in your licenced area then joining is easy just contact us using the form below. If we don't have a network number for your area yet then please contact us Via the "In another area?" page to show your interest (Once there are enough drivers in an area to maintain the reliability of the network we will look to introduce a network number for that area) 

What does it cost? 
To keep drivers overheads as low as possible we split the costs into two parts.
1. Network access fee - The network access fee is used to pay for maintenance, advertising, administration and growth of the network. 
The network access fee will vary based on the supply and demand on their areas network number.
The Network access fee can be as low as £3 per week and will not be more than £30 per week.
2. Network usage fee - The network usage fee is charged to each driver based on the call minutes they have taken through the network. 
Calls cost 18p per minute and the average length of a call is approximately 43 seconds long, so the average cost of a call is approximately 13p.

What you need to join
To be approved to join the independent cab network you must have a hackney carriage or private hire drivers licence issued by the licencing authority for the area covered by one of our numbers.
(Proof will be required) 

What you should not do on the network
1. You should not take bookings with the intention of passing them on to another driver or company. (Members who are found to be doing so will be removed from the network)
2. You should not  take any payments on behalf of another driver or company. (Members who are found to be doing so will be removed from the network)
3. You should not attract customer complaints to the network. (Members who attract multiple complaints within a short period will be removed from the network)
4. You should not act maliciously towards any other driver or company in the network or towards the independent cab network its self.
(Members who are found to be doing so will be removed from the network)

How to join
If you would like to join the independent cab network please send an email using the button below and we will get back to you.
To help us get back to you quickly please put "JOIN THE NETWORK" in the subject section. Include your name, licence area and phone number in the message text.

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